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Tuesday -the next day-

by iamatestsubjectofme

I only had a chance to listen to one file yesterday, BanishPain, but I tranced very well relaxing on the couch while listening. I feel as though I went fairly deep as far as overall trance..As soon as the file was over and I had collected myself I focused on my knee, my mind went into a calm state of intense focus, no thoughts were in my mind at that time, I was just incredibly focused, I then said "Heal", I paused as I started to feel a tingle sensation throughout my entire knee and surrounding area, I then said "Heal" once more, then one last time as I felt the need to say it forcefully. This time it came out with force and meaning. Before I headed out to work my knee felt different, in a very good way..Right now it feels amazing, there's this strange sensation in it and the surrounding area, it's not quite a tingle..That strange, surging sensation, what was described sometimes as a bubbling sensation through the body that I had experienced in my first test, when I had realized that there is something quite real going on in my body..that's what it's like. That surging, that bubbling is in my knee. I have a meeting to go to so I must run, but I shall be back and plan to listen some more. As always feel free to comment.


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