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an (another) experiment of sorts

by iamatestsubjectofme

It's no secret that the testsubject here has a bad shoulder, and a s*itty knee. The proverbial finger could be pointed at years of extremely heavy lifting with a few years of bad form, and I'm sure the finger could be pointed in many different directions, but, rather than doing that I am going to attempt to do something productive about it. I've been listening to inductions, namely MN's Induction from the other site, and to Carsten's Deep Trance, and Gradual Induction, I also have experience with Carsten's Instant Trance. The key here is for me to establish a quick and deep trancing ability and also for me to get the self hypnosis abilities of some of the aforementioned files to work so that I may begin to use that to assist my body in healing. But also I am starting BanishPain. I will log progress (or lack of) here. My belief is that the experiences I have had with hypnosis will enable success, but that the hard part will be remaining focused on the ultimate goal. I will start by listening to the full length BanishPain file. Any modifications or tweaks will be noted.


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