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Off topic -personal entry

by iamatestsubjectofme

I was going to post an entry in the forums asking any other pagans a question, but decided against it as the topic of paganism tends to irritate a lot of people, it all got me thinking about a thing in life that brings me sadness, parts of my family turned away from me upon realizing that I am a pagan..for a while I gave it up to make things better, and it worked, but I can't deny what is in my heart, cannot deny the feelings I feel, so I took it back up, and still part of them will not deal with it, instead turning away..Leading me to think sometimes of the sadness it all brings, and leading me occasionally to wonder if it would all be best hidden, to live a lie. Unfortunately the occasional sources of sadness in life seem to never end, perhaps the ways they come and go allow for refilling.


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