• Slowtime Hyper Sense Mix    
    This is an unusual file - I mixed HypnoEMG's work (See my first file, Warrior Mind) that focuses on sense, sense of time and adaptive muscle memory.rnrnThen I layered in my own SlowTime work.rnrnFinally - I built a new file for my use in the motorsport of Drifting. Here I use my memories as a learner drifter to reconstruct the most useful techniques I understand in drifting. rnrnThis file may not work for most on this site beyond some of the sensory and time meditation aspects. However if you are into Drifting, you may find this of some benefit. rnrnLet me know if it's helpful for anyone other than me!rnrnAnd please note, 1 of the 3 layers is NOT my work and have no intention of taking undue credit for the use of HypnoEMG's content.

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