• Warrior Mind - A Remix    
    HypnoEMG made 3 files: Swordsman's Mind, Heightened Senses and Adaptive Muscle Memory.rnrnI had reason to mix these into a single file with NO Induction/Wakener.rnrnI've added barely subliminal loops of Accelerator.rnrnNoise removal, equalisation, reverb and envelope effects have been used to make this a layered voice file only.rnrnI intend to mix this with my own Slowtime file and Drifting trance (for the motorsport of drifting), however before I layer this up I think some of you may enjoy this one as is.rnrnAll wording script work on this one is HypnoEMG's work.rnrnI've marked it as permanent, however it doesn't have a trigger.rnrnYou need an induction if you are not someone who has a fast trance trigger of your own.rnrnLemme know if you like it and I've seen others do remixes so I hope this is ok!

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    Length: 28:38
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