• ASM124 - First Love (W/Binaural)    
    This file is intended to help you with your relationship. Any relationship starts when you fall in love with someone, must people would like to feel like that everytime they are with their beloved ones. This file allows you to feel that way when you are with them in a relationship , but also to your eyes, your beloved one will look, and sound (the voice) as the very first time you fall in love with him or her, ignoring the age body changes. They will look as they did, and you will feel the way you did when you fall in love. It only works with the person you are in a relationship with, so if you end the relationship and start a newone with another person, the effect affects you in the newone. I also added as an extra that if you kiss your beloved one, it will feel like your very first kiss did, so every kiss would feel special. With binaural effects for better results. A medium-length induction. Volume: 95db, you may use headphones with mid-volume. Recommended: listen to this file 30 minutes before going to sleep every night for at least a week. Comments are welcome.

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    Length: 26:06
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    I see two potential problems with this file. One is of your partner is overweight and losing weight. The second is if your first kiss was bad. Instead of being ‘first’, it should be be ‘best’, as to prevent those problems.