• Speak_No_English    
    A file designed to assist intermediate and advanced learners of languages avoid speaking or even thinking in English. This has no induction, so use it in a playlist with someone else's induction. The file uses a deep, male voice. When triggered with the phrase "speak ye not English" (deliberately archaic to avoid accidents), the listener will lose any ability to speak and think in English. One can still understand English speaking people. The effects of the file are reversed if the listener hears, thinks, or speaks any phrase that means "One speaks English." In the event of an emergency the mind is returned to normal. By downloading this file, you agree to accept full responsibility for the use of this file and any effects arising therefrom. I will probably revise this file, so feel free to PM me comments and suggestions.

    Self Help
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    Length: 02:33
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    I tried this file out early on, as a nice safe way to test out how strongly my mind was responding to hypnotic suggestions. It works very well, it\'s a fun way to test, or if you\'re studying a foreign language and keep slipping back into English because it\'s easier, this file is a good way to enforce practice with your second (or third, or more) language.
    Can someone make same for another langue
    Would be cool if someone could do this for german :)