Many users have told me that they don't want/can't afford to pay for a Premium Membership. Well, here's your chance to get one without spending a dime. I want the site to grow and get better for everyone, and I see a LOT of room for improvement and growth. Right now, less than 1/2 of the files have scripts, binaurals, or subliminals. I would LOVE to see that percentage MUCH closer to 100%. So, effective immediately, I will offer a 1 month premium membership for each binaural or subliminal that a user creates from a file on this site. I will offer a 3 month membership for each script. If you have ANY questions about this offer, feel free to PM me. If you decide to make a script, you do not need to include the induction in the script, just the body of the file. Once complete upload it to the site or email it to: support@Hypno-Files.com
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